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UZAZU Consultation Group

Integrate and deepen your embodied approach to your client sessions, utilizing UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.


PRE-REQUISITE : The Foundations of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence 3-Day Workshop 


Six in-person 2-hour meetings, May-December 2024 


Fridays (breaking for Summer), 1:30-3:30:

May 31, June 28, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6


**If this schedule isn't possible for you, or if you will need a remote/zoom option to make a group feasible
reach out so I know you're interested in different days and/or dates/times**

Location: Deb’s office OR Tai Chi studio (both on Forest Ave.), Portland

COST: $420 for a 6-session commitment


Working in a small group to assure individualized attention, our time will include:

  • Self-assessment and reflection on your current needs and experience in your work as you integrate UZAZU in your practice (this will include 2 self-assessments, to be completed prior to our first meeting).

  • Deeply resourcing yourself using UZAZU, generally and/or specifically with the clients and client issues you find most challenging.

  • Opportunity for practice and guiding one another in UZAZU.

  • Case consultation when desired.

  • Review of principles and techniques used in UZAZU (previously covered in the Foundations course) as needed.

  • Working experientially (versus consultation with a ‘talking about’ bias).

With this shared UZAZU language and small supportive group, elevate your embodiment work to the next level!


COST:   $420 for a 6-session commitment.  Your deposit of $150 holds your space, with the remainder due May 17.  If you need a payment plan please contact me.  


STEP ONE: Email me to let me know you want/plan to join: 

  • This group will run with a minimum of 4 people and a max of 6. If I have more than six requests I will take in the order received (If you’ve indicated your intent to join but I haven’t yet received your deposit, I won’t give your space away without checking in with you first).

  • If the timing of this group isn't possible for you but you'd like UZAZU consultation in a similar format, reach out so I know you're interested. I will be in touch.

STEP TWO: Make your payment: 

  • You may mail your deposit of $150 (or pay the full amount of $420) to Deb Grant, LCSW, 938 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101.

  • Alternately you may send your payment via credit card by using this link. I kindly request you add a non-refundable fee of $5 for the deposit amount of $150 ($155 total), or $14 for the full amount of $420 ($434 total). 

  • I welcome you to reach out if you would like to make a payment plan. Otherwise, your remaining balance of $270 is due May 17.

QUESTIONS?  Call me at (207)406-3947 or email:


I WANT TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO JOIN ME: If you are unable to meet for this advertised afternoon group time or if the first group is filled, a second consultation group may be scheduled for monthly meetings for those ready to commit. In the case of a second group we would work to find a common time. I am also open to scheduling a virtual gruop if needed/desired.

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