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Therapeutic Modalities

Does Dons have a risk Assessment for Coach Travel?

Yes, we do please click the link below to access. Travel Risk Assessment Policy

Have Dons got the appropriate Licences & Insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have the following.

What is Dons Breakdown Policy?

Depending on the locality of the Breakdown rest assured we always have cover if local we have fully trained mechanics which can be dispatched at a moment notice and always have a replacement vehicle on standby to recover the passengers.
If further afield, we have national and international breakdown cover and a network of companies across the UK and Europe we can call on to convey the passengers to their destination.

What do we expect of the Party Leader?

We encourage our Drivers to interact to be approachable helpful and friendly and be part of your day trip or excursion once the party has boarded and seated, he will give a welcome speech which will include health and safety but once he sits behind the wheel he cannot drive and supervise at the same time.
The first order of the day is to make ensure all students have Their seat belts Fastened this will be included in the driver’s welcome speech.
We ask for the safety of your Students Staff are positioned around the coach preferably by
Emergency exits this is mandatory when travelling abroad.
Try to Limit movement around the Coach when in motion Before you leave your pickup point Confirm Destination and if you have any permits or specific instruction it would be great to make the driver aware of this and always swap contact numbers.
If on a long journey discuss comfort breaks, there will be an on-board washroom but try to limit its use to emergency only so encourage Students to use toilet facility’s when having a comfort break.
When Travelling by Coach we understand there will be an accumulation of Rubbish we ask the group leader to instruct the group to keep rubbish to a minimum and dispose of it in the bins provided and at the end of the trip check the vehicle and where necessary get the students to clear up their area. In the Event of a breakdown the group should remain under the direct supervision of the group leader or assistant leaders liase with the driver who will risk assess if it is safe to leave the group on board or if in a dangerous place to disembark and move the group to a safe place contacting the police to provide safety support.