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Embodying Polyvagal Theory:

Body-Oriented Learning and Exploration for Psychotherapists and Helping Professionals

Friday, June 4, 2021 

10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.    |     6 CE's available

This workshop is sponsored by Envision Online Workshops.

for psychotherapists and other helping professionals

Integrate and deepen your body/somatic orientation in your therapy or coaching practice. 

I offer consultation to psychotherapists and other helping professionals, including individual and group consultation. Please contact me if you are interested in consultation with me, by calling 207.406.3947. Sessions may be conducted in person or via zoom or other secure video conferencing.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Monthly Study Group

I offer this 6 month commitment regularly, but have postponed the next one until it is safe to meet again in person (if you live near Portland, Maine). Please scroll below to sign up for announcements from me if you'd like to receive emails about this as well as other professional development opportunities.

This group of up to sixteen participants will study somatic principles of embodiment and movement as they relate to helping our clients in a psychotherapeutic context.  Rather than to the couch, we will bring our studies “to the floor” (and to the body), to explore ways of bringing somatic and body-oriented approaches to our work as therapists.

Topics will include:

  • Establishing comfort and safety through our primary relationship to the ground and gravity

  • The establishment of midline, the front body, back body, and middle body and other natural divisions of the body that impact psychophysical experience

  • Embodiment of the organs and how this affects our experience of self

  • Hands-Feet-Mouth-Tail and the navel center and its relevance to somatic processing of emotions and physical pain

  • Embodiment of the skeletal system for support and grounding through the body

  • Proprioception/interoception/vestibular systems as part of our kinesthetic sensory system, and how these systems impact our sense of safety and orientation

  • Concepts such as mobile stability and stable mobility; high/low tone; the relationships between support and movement; the impact of developmental movement patterns on psychological development. 

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Workshops

UZAZU is a comprehensive coaching and therapy modality used as a stand-alone or integrative approach to deep embodied transformational work. To learn about UZAZU and our one-day, three-day, and 9 month training opportunities (taught/co-led with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb), go to

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