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DanceShifter Weekend with Deb:

Embody the Intelligence of UZAZU’s Nine Modes…for your Dancer and your Dance

Friday October 21: 6-9pm

Saturday October 22: 10am-5pm followed by a potluck

Sunday October 23: 1:30-4:30 pm (with a PCD dance in the a.m. for those who would like to dance some more!)

At Maine Center for Taijiquan & Qigong, 500 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine

with Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist and UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Trainer Deb Grant

(plus likely a surprise guest teacher appearance by ....Shhhh!....)

Workshop Description

Drawing from UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, with a side of basic Meet & Pota-toes* skills that will help refresh you improvisational dance, served up with a pinch of Body-Mind Centering…


…you will discover new and distinct ways to move, support, play with, and attend to what’s wanting to happen in your dance:​

  • Learn how to spatialize and dimensionalize your movement in order to support and expand upon what is unfolding in your dance experience physically and emotionally.

  • Effectively move and express from the 4 Areas of Embodiment ---Inner Experience, Self-Agency, Connection and Collaboration--- for increased comfort, range, expression and nuance in your dance.

  • Experience & Embody UZAZU's 9 Modes of Engagement as supports for shifting your state on the dance floor.


This is very much a '2-for-1' workshop! These tools and approaches to dance also offer powerful ways to self-regulate and thrive as you 'dance' through daily life. You will have time for integrating what you experience and for considering how UZAZU will support you both on and off the dance floor.


*tee hee!

Registration options: 

  • Full workshop, $160 ($145 early bird through October 9), HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Friday + Saturday only, $135 ($125 early bird through October 9), if you are unable to attend Sunday.

  • Sorry, no Friday-night-only options. 

Note: Payment may be made by check, Venmo, or credit card. There is a $5 non-refundable fee added to credit card payments, per participant. Details about all of this are covered in the registration process.

Please keep in mind that space is limited! Your space is reserved once I receive your payment.

Covid precautions required:

Masking is welcome. If you wish to dance unmasked please rapid test (or PCR test w/in 48 hrs) on the day of the event.  


As the leader of this workshop I (Deb) plan to be unmasked -unless I have any concerns- and will exercise caution with my contact with others prior to the event. 

You will have the opportunity to express your preference for close contact or more distant dancing, and we will kindly remind one another of that preference as needed. 

Do not attend if you test positive, have covid symptoms, or if you were in close contact with someone who has covid-19 (see cancellation policy below for refund details).

Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel on or before October 7 for a full refund (minus $5 processing fee if online payment).

~Refunds for cancellations after October 7 will be provided at 50%  If Deb is able to fill your spot she will provide a 75% refund.

~Your payment will not be refunded for cancellations after October 19, with the exception of testing positive for covid or if someone in Deb's household has tested positive for covid. 

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