About using contact hours/your certificate upon completion to meet continuing education requirements for your licensing board (in Maine, maybe elsewhere):

I regularly review the guidelines for providing continuing education for social workers and counseling professionals in the State of Maine.  Most recently I reviewed these requirements in September of 2022 online:


I see that the information below is largely the same as my more in-depth audit in 2017 for both Social Workers (Link here and here) and for Counseling Professionals (LCPC's, LPC's, LMFT's (one link HERE and good luck! It is almost impossible to find any direct info that is clearly current.).

If you are licensed in another state, HERE is another reference from a large CE organization that i found that looks to be helpful if you are researching your state's requirements for CE or CEU requirements. You can search by state for a summary. I 


In August 2017 I called both boards directly to check that the materials online are up to date, and verbally confirming my understanding.   Both boards confirmed that they still no longer accept submission from CE providers for pre-approval for their courses.  The boards continually stress that it is up to the licensee to assure that they are submitting documentation for appropriate coursework, that is, Continuing Education that is relevant to counseling or social work practice and theory.*  The board allows licensees to submit CE credits for courses which have not been pre-approved.

*"To satisfy the continuing education requirements, the subject matter of a continuing education program must relate directly to social work practice [or professional counseling practice--my addition based on phone conversation with PC board]. Final determination of the acceptability of continuing education hours rests with the Board. Licensees are encouraged to not only save their certificates of completion but to also save descriptions and agendas of continuing education programs should it become necessary to substantiate the program’s relevance to social work practice at audit. Computer-related training, time management, supervisory sessions, and personal enrichment are examples of some topics that likely would not be accepted for continuing education credit." 

While the docs that I have found that detail what you may or may not use for Maine CE requirements are posted in places that would indicate they are 'current', they often are awfully outdated looking. Especially for this reason I recommend that you check that you are comfortably confident that the guidelines are clear to you by taking a look yourself as well.

If you hold a license outside of Maine I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of your licensing board to determine the appropriateness of submission of continuing education hours from my workshops or others' workshops.

If you want to better understand the guidelines for yourself for the State of Maine here are some links and information:

Relevant links:


Guide for Providers of Continuing Education for Social Workers 2012 (both boards reference this handbook as reflecting current rules/guidelines)


Social work continuing ed requirements:  click on Board of Social Work
Board of counseling professional licensure:  click on Board of counseling professional licensure and download document; go to chapter 7A and read section on continuing education.