Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT

ABOUT OBTAINING CE's for Integrating Trauma-Informed Yoga with Polyvagal Theory (March 1-6, 2020, Delray Beach, FLORIDA):

For Human Service/helping professionals, not including yoga therapists: The CEs for this course are already approved. In order to receive your CE certificate, participants deal directly with the agency which obtains the CEs for us, Berkshire AHEC. In order to receive them, participants fill out an evaluation form at the end of the course, which we then send to AHEC. AHEC will then bill each participant for their processing fee.  We (Deb and Joann) do not receive any of those funds. 

AHEC has a $45 processing fee for CE certificates for all professional specialties except Psychologists, who are charged $95. After they receive the fee, AHEC will snail mail the CE certificate to each participant.

This process doesn't include yoga therapy CE's, for which there is no charge.

The CE certificate fee is not included with your tuition as not everyone in the program requires formal CE's, and the cost for the different professions varies. Rather than passing the charge along to everyone, each participant deals directly with Berkshire AHEC.

A recent trend has been that professional groups have stopped awarding CE's for yoga-oriented programs, even when clinically focused. While AHEC's fees are not insignificant, this is the only agency we have found that could help us obtain CEs for all of the requested professions. We are appreciative and grateful that we can offer formal, nationally accepted CE's to you for a wide range of professions. 

If you prefer a certificate of completion as an alternative to the formal CE's we are happy to offer that free of charge.