Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Study Group~2021

with Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT*

Integrate and deepen your body/somatic orientation in your psychotherapy practice

**Dates to be determined based upon when it's safe to meet again in person in Portland, Maine**

Fridays, 1:30-3:30 (generally)

Monthly meeting for 6 sessions (likely the 2nd Friday of the month)

12 contact hours and certificate provided (if in full attendance)

Maine Center for Taijiquan and Qigong, 500 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine.

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This group of up to sixteen participants will study somatic principles of embodiment and movement as they relate to helping our clients in a psychotherapeutic context.  Rather than to the couch, we will bring our studies “to the floor” (and to the body), to explore ways of bringing somatic and body-oriented approaches to our work as therapists.

Topics will include:

  • Establishing comfort and safety through our primary relationship to the ground and gravity
  • The establishment of midline, the front body, back body, and middle body and other natural divisions of the body that impact psychophysical experience
  • Embodiment of the organs and how this affects our experience of self
  • Hands-Feet-Mouth-Tail and the navel center and its relevance to somatic processing of emotions and physical pain
  • Embodiment of the skeletal system for support and grounding through the body
  • Proprioception/interoception/vestibular systems as part of our kinesthetic sensory system, and how these systems impact our sense of safety and orientation
  • Concepts such as mobile stability and stable mobility; high/low tone; the relationships between support and movement; the impact of developmental movement patterns on psychological development. 

***If you are a helping professional (but not a psychotherapist) and are interested in this group please contact me so that we can determine if the material will be a good fit.  Massage therapists, bodyworkers, nurse practitioners and occupational therapists have participated in the study group in the past and found the material useful for their practice and professional development.*** 

***If you are interested in this group but would need to meet on a different day of the month or at a different time please let me know as I will likely offer future courses.***

COST:   $75 per session for 6 sessions, for a total of $450.  Your deposit of $150 reserves your space, with the remainder due at the first session (March 13). **EARYLY BIRD DEADLINE: Register by February 13 (including your deposit) for an earlybird discount of $50! ** If you need a payment plan please contact me. 

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ABOUT CONTACT HOURS:  click here FMI  about using contact hours for your continuing education requirements

CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel your attendance with a full refund through February 13, 2020.  After February 20 and prior to March 20 (after attending the first session) you will be refunded  your payment minus the registration fee. 

Questions? Call Deb at (207)772-7832 or email:

*Registered Somatic Movement Therapist

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Trauma-informed approaches to therapy are essential for providing safe body based interventions and approaches when working with people with trauma (which includes most people!).  This study group offers a trauma lens throughout the learning, but in order to provide trauma treatment it is essential to have adequate training that this study group cannot provide.

I will offer body based approaches to therapy for integration with the work you already do, and will provide a body-based/developmental lens for understanding client (or therapist) issues.  This group does not serve as a training program for providing somatic/body-based therapy, although it can support your development in this direction.  

This consultation group brings a specialty lens of somatic/body-based approaches to your clinical practice and is complementary to (rather than a replacement for) general consultation or supervision.